Snow Festival

Sapporo Snow Festival is an annual event where large sculptures made from snow and ice are displayed in the city, mostly Oodori Park. A lot (if not all) sculptures are sponsored which makes it completely free to visit. Yay!

snow festival

Bigger than life-size

It’s one of the largest events in Sapporo (if not the largest) attracting around two million visitors each year. (Sapporo has two million inhabitants.)

snow festival

Loads of people on snowboards showing off their snowboard skills

We went there with the school on the opening day and it was really cold. So I only had a look at half of Oodori Park, went home, had some hot chocolate and cookies. But the sculptures were quite impressive and they’re probably even more so at night when the lights are on. As you can see here.

snow festival

Traditional decoration for an upcoming holiday
(just that usually it’s made from something other than ice ;)