It’s December but “the season” has started late October. Since last week however there’s Sapporo White Illuminations to see in various places. Illuminations are quite a big thing in Japan during winter and as far as I know there’s some at the main station (which I didn’t get to see yet), in Susukino and Oodori. There’s also a Munich Christmas Market at Oodori. In case you didn’t know, Sapporo and Munich are sister cities. Loads of overpriced sausages, hot wine and some lovely crafty decoration as well.
So here’s that:

Quick weather update: As you might be able to see, there’s snow. The city as a snazzy road heating system so no worries if you’re in a car. But for some reason no one seems to care about the pavements which means at day when it’s slightly above freezing point there’s a lot of lovely grey slush which as soon as it gets dark turns into a solid layer of ice. I bet half of the students at our school who come from warmer parts of this space rock went to buy some new shoes last week.
Also my heater works but it’s still smelly. Not an option to keep the pipes from freezing at night.