Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium

Yesterday a few friends from school and I decided to visit the Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium. On Friday it rained awfully but we were lucky and had lovely sunshine although it was quite cold. Winter’s coming!


Next to the other ski jump

We started walking at Maruyama Station and it took us about one hour. ‘Though you could probably do it in half an hour if don’t mistake any of the other jumps for the Okura one and wonder where the people you wanted to meet with are ^^ And maybe walk a little faster than we did. Or maybe you shouldn’t because it would be a pity. You walk through rather small neighbourhoods (compared to the rest of Sapporo) and forests and because you walk up the view gets better and better. It also gets colder. On Friday some students said they’ve spotted the first snow and yes, there it was.

Okura Ski Jump

The Okura Ski Jump

At the ski jump there’s the Sapporo Winter Sports Museum but we didn’t go there. Instead we took the lift up and enjoyed the view, tea or ice cream (because apparently it wasn’t cold enough for some of us…). Unfortunately we couldn’t wait until it was dark because at night the town surely looks amazing.


That mountain’s called Triangle Mountain

I also pieced together a video from the lift ride, enjoy!